Advanced thinking in Specialty Graphite

Advanced thinking in Specialty Graphite
20% more capacity
Our expertise and custom process solutions help semiconductor device manufacturers to reduce the line width by 50% with ultra-pure precision-machined graphite components used in the manufacturing process
Better performance than closest competitor
Within the primary metal, alloy metal and metal casting markets, high density and oxidation resistant components are vital in order to avoid imparting impurities during the processing phase.
Solar panels
Lower energy consumption
Our rigid board, featuring our unique RGB-LTC material offers lower thermal conductivity than typical rigid board materials. Our 100% rayon based rigid boards play a key part in lowering energy consumption.

Morgan Advanced Materials have been supplying specialty graphite products for over a century. Our global business specialises in a wide range of graphite products such as casting die, resistance heating elements, rods and tubes, for industries such as industrial, electronics and energy.


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